Smart off-site construction – saving time, money and environment

KMT Prefab is a prefabricated wall and roof element solutions provider for public, commercial, residential buildings and
a professional partner for construction companies and real estate developers.

High quality

Prefabricated production guarantees 2 mm installation precision, systematical quality control procedures ensures reliability.

Time saving

Elements are produced in factory conditions for fast and precise installing on the construction site.

Affordable price

Elements production in highly effective factory environment keeps total building costs low.

Nonresidential buildings:
offices, commercial & industrial buildings, schools & kindergartens

Residential buildings:
apartment houses, private residences, semi-detached & terraced houses

We as your partner

We have been producing wall and roof elements since 2002 – more than 250 successfully completed projects. Working with wood and steel elements at the same time has helped us to diversify the product and customer portfolio. Our factory is located 40 km from Tallinn with ca. 10 000 m2 of production and storage area. We have 50 workers, many of them with more than 15 years of experience in our company.

“Estonians are known for delivering complex and demanding solutions to challenging projects, our engineering skills are second to none. We’re fearless in adopting new approaches for delivering the end result and are slowly but surely pushing our clients to ask for bolder and more innovative assignments – only their creativity can set the boundaries.” … read more

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